Wednesday, January 26, 2011

I'd rather go to the dentist than go on a date

I'd rather go sit in an uncomfortable chair for 25 minutes with a man's hand in my mouth, following commands (rinse, spit, open wider) than spend 2 hours getting ready for a first date, then an hour or so trying to come up with appropriate "things to reveal" to someone I just met. At least with the dentist all I gotta do is lay back and listen to commands. Also, I'm usually not thinking two days later about the dental appointment other than perhaps paying the bill. I'm not thinking "well, Dr. so and so seemed to be all into me, but is he really?" If the dentist is thinking about me two days later, then it's only because I'm the punch line of a story about "oh my god this one chick came in and I swear she had a whole cob of corn embedded in her teeth."

Sigh. I hate dating.

God or Papa Smurf or whoever is in charge out there needs to just get on with it already and just point an arrow at the "right" dude and save me the time looking for the right shirt to wear. I'm just saying....

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  1. Update:
    Sigh. I would like to report that is has gotten better since January. Actually it's not so bad really. Dating is like anything else in life really. The "fear of the unkown" factor seems to fade as you go along...I felt this way about inline skating way back when; after a dozen scraped knees and elbows, I was numb to the whole experience...same as dating :)