Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Getting Sticky with Wiki or Five Latvians can't be wrong

Now that I am fully entrenched in the blogosphere, I often find myself 'stalking' my own stats through the blogger dashboard. The handy dandy measurements provide cool information such as how many hits my blog has gotten, where in the world they came from, and the sources from which they originated such as Twitter, Facebook, Google Buzz, and the bathroom wall of the neighborhood Sizzler.

I checked my "stats" just a while ago and was pleasantly surprised that my meager little starter-upper blog got five hits in Latvia. A little trip to Wikipedia (my friend Carter and I call this 'Getting Sticky with Wiki') and I find that it is a country in the Baltic region of Northern Europe and is bordered to the north by Estonia ( I also nosed around a bit more to find that Latvia is largely an agricultural country and that Latvia is theoretically the only country of the European Union that still retains capital punishment for murder, however only during wartime. Of course, we all know the downfall of "getting sticky with Wiki"'s not the most reliable of sources because of its editing free-for-all premise, but for the most part, I find this info credible and interesting.

Mostly, I just think it is WAY COOL that five Latvians checked out my blog today.

That's not to downplay my other brethren from Canada (thanks Bob), South Korea, Japan, and Russia from whom I see hits from on my stats page. However, the five hits from Latvia were all within the same hour (I'm telling you this whole Stat Stalking is addicting) I had to give a little shout out and "Paldies" to the five Latvians who checked out my very small corner of the universe. Uz veselību! Priekā!


  1. Everything is very simple. :) I am following you in Twitter, and I liked your entry "I'd rather go to the dentist than go on a date" because of that sent to friends to read it :)
    Thank you for the possibility to read your blog. :)

  2. Thank you!!! I appreciate your comment very much, and thanks for passing me on to your friends! Aloha from Hawaii! Mahalo!

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  4. I love that my writing ideas come about through small occurrences such as simply being retweeted by someone far away. It actually is just REALLY COOL that ideas can come from far off places....makes the world seem not so big after all.