Monday, January 31, 2011

How to become an interesting person (BIP) step two: It's all about the threads, Baby!

Writer's note or Meet the Boy: I'm going in a different direction with the BIP series. It's a cliché, but a picture is truly worth a thousand words so I've decided to use one of my best friend's (Rocky) pictures of her 2 year old son to illustrate the BIP process. Sometimes a step will be written first, and then I will scour Rocky's online photo albums for a picture that illustrates my point. As in this case, the picture might inspire the just never know with me. I'm sorta quirky. So years from now when little Robert (AKA "The Boy") becomes computer literate and happens upon my blog archive he will probably wonder what the h-ll he was doing wearing animal ears while wielding a hammer. Poor kid.

Step 2: Wear something interesting

It's all about the threads, Baby

It's quite simple, really: wear something interesting. How much easier can it get than that? A guy wearing jeans and a t-shirt totally goes unnoticed until he decides to accessorize with a dog collar. Now the interesting item you decide to rock must do something for you, because if it’s just wearing a dog collar for the sake of wearing one (or for flea and tick protection) then the “interest” you get will more than likely be short lived. There has to be an underlying idea or link to yourself. Lady Gaga has made a name for herself mainly because of this very idea: her outlandish outfits seem much more contextual for her, and not based on any trends.

This step is short and snappy because there’s not too much I can say about wearing something funky. Just do it. Although, it might be a better idea to stagger the funkiness; if you wear strange clothing everyday then people will just accept that as how you are and the interest will wane. However, if done in spurts, more than likely people will wonder what happened to make you stick a waffle cone hat on your head. People will wonder if perhaps you are protesting Ben and Jerry or maybe you are waiting for an ice cream storm.

So go to it. Wear that funky bracelet, white girl (or boy).

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