Friday, April 15, 2011

Ancient Chinese Secret

So I keep trying to figure out why I'm not inspired these days to post to this blog. I honestly think about it about three to four times a day. I did have an excuse a few weeks ago. I was in China on a business trip for 18 days and my blog is blocked in China. They must have found out about my secret weapon involving code embedded in prose involving monkeys and cheese and nationally blocked me from transmitting back to the states. Actually, everything is blocked there.

So I guess that is where I will go with this week's blogs: my eighteen days in China.

Stay tuned and enjoy the pictures!

A little teaser: topics will include,
"How I caused a vehicle accident in China"
"Hey, can you please stop trying to measure yourself against my shoulder, short asian woman? I get it. I'm tall."

"What do you mean it's not tofu? What the hell is tripe?";

"Do they name the rats in this restaurant?"

"Um, I don't think I can squat that low to pee in that hole"


  1. Hey great picture of the sun coming over the buildings! What's that mean the two hands with the line through them? No hands for what? :)

  2. Hey! I know I'm way late responding to your comment. I've been really bad about updating this blog lately. The hands were posted in an elevator, presumably reminding folks not to try and push open the door....

    The sun shot was taken at the Forbidden City in Beijing....very cool place...