Saturday, February 26, 2011

I'll Eat What She's Wearing

For the last four months I've been trying to get in better shape by joining a beach boot camp. The camp meets M-F and is operated by a local guy who like me is also in the National Guard. I joined mainly to improve my pushups for the yearly Physical Fitness Test I have to take. Lately, I have been also meeting with my trainer one on one to get added help since my test is coming up.

I went to boot camp yesterday morning on an empty stomach (I hadn't eaten since 5pm the previous day).I was totally dragging throughout the workout and even mentioned to one of the other "campers" how hungry I was. After about an hour of working out, the session ended and I went to my car. I was going to talk to K-----, the trainer, to confirm that evening's one on one and to apologize for my dragging ass earlier, but he was caught up talking to a new student.

I got in my car and texted him, "See you tonight at 5pm? Sorry I was dragging today." Before I pulled out of the lot I went to text one of my best friend's, Carter, whom I talked to earlier. We have this joke about bacon: whenever Im starving Ill text him, "I want to wrap myself in bacon" I was soooo damn hungry and decided to text that to Carter. I accidentally sent it to my trainer instead of Carter.

...the story gets better.

Once I realized what I did I quickly text K---- back apologizing and explaining that I sent it to the wrong person. He didn't respond so I just assumed he didn't think much about it.

Later that day, as I was changing into my workout clothes to go meet K---- for our one on one, he texted me at 4:45 to tell me he wasn't going to make it because he was stuck in town (downtown Honolulu is TOTALLY jacked up on Fridays).

He asked if instead he could send me a workout to do on my own and I wrote back and said that he could send it this weekend or if he had time I could meet Sunday night, but not to worry because I can just do Wii Fit tonight.

He responded: "Ok. I'll send you something as soon as I can. Wii Fit? Is that before or after you wrap yourself in bacon?"

I just about died. I can't wait to hear questions about my adventures in bacon next Monday at boot camp.


  1. Hey M! I checked on net knew there had to be lots of people who texted wrong people as well. Facebook has a page with 1,972 who have done the same Just so you don't feel too bad lol : )

  2. Ah! I'll have to check that out!Yeah...I've done it a few times before but just the idea that I texted a note about dousing myself in fat to the guy who is trying to get me to eat less of it....PRICELESS!

  3. I love bacon. I'm on day 28 of my diet and can only dream about bacon. I love you, Mom