Wednesday, December 29, 2010

'Moist' people say strange things

This morning I went to GNC to buy vitamin/exercise supplements and protein snacks. I really like these protein snacks called Ostrim (accidental plug), made from ostrich meat. When I rowed in college I lived on the yummy, low-fat ostrich meat jerky and meat sticks. These days I can never find them so when I do happen upon them, I stock up.

Today I lucked out and came across 3 or 4 boxes of them, both sticks (sorta like Slim Jims but not as greasy) and jerky. The guy manning the store, Zack, showed me where they were after selling me on the idea of "stocking up" on the other supplements I was there to buy since there was a sweet sale going on. I'm a sucker for a buy one get one half off deal...this guy was really making the sale with me today.

I'm not sure the dude's name was Zack, but for whatever reason that's the name my fingers named him while texting this post to my email address.

After finally saying no to a box of acai berry chews Zack was trying to 'push' (honestly, I don't think that the hard to pronounce berry really is all THAT), I brought the supplements and the Ostrim to the counter. Zack, an average looking, friendly and sorta stocky but seemingly sweet fella, went around to the cash register. He noticed that I got the sticks and not the jerky and said "yeah I prefer the jerky. The sticks are too moist for me sometimes."

"I like it moist," I said.


As if on cue from some omniscient director standing in the shadows, we both looked down at the counter at the exact same time.

I really don't remember much of anything after laser beaming the counter with my eyes. Somehow, I got my receipt and walked out the door but all I can recall really is sitting in my car thinking to myself, "did I just say, 'I like it moist?' "


  1. Ha Mushie...I'm sure this Zack though was asking himself did he really say he liked the thing he mentioned to you! :)