Monday, February 25, 2013

Apparently I need this blog...or it needs me... here I am...six months later, trying to dive back into blogging. Need a topic. So far, over the past 2 years, I've blogged about the following: 1. Ditzy Radiologists; 2. How going to the dentist is preferred to going on a first date; 3. My zany adventures in buying ostrich meat; 4. How I told my personal trainer that I want to wrap myself in bacon; 5. Ancient Chinese Secret: Amazon blond causes a bike accident in China; 6. something about Dr. Who...for the benefit of Mr. Tom ( Beatles' fans might get that pun) 7. and something about "getting sticky with wicki" So... What now? Sequestration? (although since I'm a gov employee, this may not be the wisest topic). Pushing 40 and still single? (this would require lots of whiskey and cigars) My zany adventures in getting lost while walking in Waikiki?( true story but sorta on purpose...I pack a backpack and go on an urban, "I don't know where the puck I'm going" stroll). Tomorrow I'll come up with a new one...just writing this has made me sleepy. Nappy time.

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