Friday, November 4, 2011

You don't know Who.....

I have this friend who, in answering my pleas for topic ideas, repeatedly comments that I should write about Doctor Who. Of course, I'm guessing that in order to blog about a TV show, I would actually have to watch it, and to be perfectly honest I long to watch science fiction as much as I long for pickled okra (blech). Yet, on my Facebook page a few times whenever said friend has brought up the notion, a few of my peeps latch on to the notion and like the idea.

I don't know anything about Who but for fourteen comments on this blog or Facebook and a six pack of beer I'm might be willing to watch a few episodes and do a critique.

I really doubt I'll get the 14 responses. If I do, I'll buy the beer myself. I'll need it to get through the espisodes.

Oh and can't respond fourteen times. That's cheating.


  1. Amazon: This is probably your best blog. I like the logo at the top with the Gallifreyan script. Why not consider an easy topic for your next blog, like rating the various Doctors based on humor, companions, amount of damage they caused to the Daleks, etc? (I'm partial to the fourth Doctor, the but the eleventh Doctor is growing on me.)

  2. I have to admit that I used to like the fourth doctor (Tom Baker fan) but I really liked the ninth Doctor.

  3. that's two. Twelve more to go. M